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MyTextBook the E-learning platform which assists you access your course or allows you to share your resources, with your students online. Our flexible platform will allow you to enrich your students learning potential with access to material at any time, no matter if they are in the same building or learning remotely.

How it works

When you commission MyTextBook to host your online course, we will show you how easy it is to upload your content, textbooks (or journals) and past exam papers to the site. Never recorded an online webinar or seminar, we can recommend easy to use software which can help you achieve this!

Once logged in, students will also benefit from 24/7 access to your content, access to world class textbooks, journals, live lectures, workshops, seminars and past exams papers. You can also access to community chatrooms, which you can brainstorm with other students on the same course. This will enhance your studies and enable you to achieve your dreams.


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MyTextBook - About us

Our team at MyTextBook are innovators and love helping students and businesses grow and advance themselves, we love self-development! Our platform is available both within the UK and throughout the world and we are here to support for you when you need us. Our happy clients experience first class customer service and full support, so if you have a question or query feel free to let us know.

Our platform also has different levels of cost-effective subscriptions, based on online storage levels which will suit every requirement, plus its mobile responsive; allowing for learning on the go.

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Did you know, you can also generate income by providing FREE and chargeable content? Your yearly subscription will provide you with great value for money and allow you to earn, as well as share your knowledge.

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